EU Energy Summit 2019

“Clean energy transition, the cornerstone of the European Green Deal”

Fighting climate change and accomplishing a clean and just energy transition are the biggest challenges of the 21st century. These objectives coincide with the European Green Deal, which intends to cut CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Simultaneously, the European energy sector is also committed to be carbon neutral before 2050. The European Recovery plan is an exceptional opportunity for governments and the industry to rethink current energy and industry models to frame a more sustainable future by embracing the green transition as part of the rebuilding process.

The summit will highlight policy, business, and academia’s priorities regarding clean energy transition in Europe. This green transition poses many challenges such as social acceptance, sustainability of renewable energies as well as rapid advancement in clean energy technologies. Together, they will identify and think about innovative solutions in order to address these challenges and develop a European vision for the energy system.

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