Spurred by innovation and new technologies, the healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically brought to light the limited coordination between health systems in Europe. Europe is under extraordinary pressure on global markets largely due to growing R&D relocation to other international regions and the accelerating pace of adoption of innovative medicines elsewhere.

The European Health Summit therefore comes at a critical juncture. More than ever, stimulating discussions, sharing of experiences and creating new partnerships is key to building a more resilient model of healthcare in Europe, ensuring the continued well-being of its citizens. By creating this new platform, EBS supports a high-level dialogue among key stakeholders in both policy and business to strengthen Europe’s healthcare systems.

During this exclusive Summit, over 3400 participants attended the EHS 17 high-level panels and interactive interviews featuring over 45 prominent speakers from business, policy, civil society, and academia!

Among the highlights of the European Health Summit 2020 edition:

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen detailed the creation of a new agency: the European Health Emergency Response Authority: “HERA will aim to support a better EU level response to cross-border health threats as part of the establishment of the European Health Union.”

– We were honoured by the attendance of Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians at the session “A conversation on mental health”: “To address mental distress, we need to start with prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle and further develop counselling & tailored interventions.”

Peter Piot, Special Advisor to the President of the European Commission, underlined: “Crisis expose the fault lines in society. Social protection and safety nets differ complety from one region of the world to another. The positive aspect of this crisis is the solidarity it has generated across Europe. We need to seize this opportunity to develop a European Health Union and ensure we are better prepared for a future pandemic.”

– “I am proud of the EU’s ability to place orders with several laboratories by ensuring a fair distribution of vaccines throughout Europe and being supportive of poorer countries,” said Olivier Véran, French Minister of Solidarity and Health on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sandra Gallina, DG SANTE Director-General highlighted: “One of the most important elements of the pandemic is that Europe has spoken with one voice. While going forward with the vaccine strategy we need to ensure that vaccines are affordable and accessible to all member states.”

– Regarding the health data ecosystem, Didier Reynders, EU Commissioner for Justice declared: “Trust is key. We must build trust between the consumers and the producers, between the citizens and the authorities.”

New EBS Task Force European Health Union

This first edition of the European Health Summit is also the start of a new EHS Task Force dedicated to the European Health Union. Through a programme of conferences, live debates and working group meetings, this task force will bring together EU policy-makers, national authorities and regulators, industry representatives, academics and civil society to discuss the priorities of the new Health Union, share ideas, studies and analysis, and articulate policy recommendations. This new project aims at contributing to the realisation of the ambition to make the Union more resilient and consolidated.

If you are interested to join us, please contact:

Ms. Felicia Balan, European Health Summit Manager 
+32 (0) 2 645 3 484


Ms. Dafné Forni, Partnership Manager 
+32 (0) 2 645 3 489

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