About the EBS Research Hub

The EBS Research Hub is innovative platform that facilitates the interaction between the research community, the business sector and EU policymakers. Building on its 20 years of experience and its extensive network of companies, associations, governments and NGOs from across all sectors; EBS is in a prime position to set-up a constructive and long-lasting dialogue between science, society and the business sector. EBS is proud to be part of the development of applied research tackling concrete issues based on the needs of society and industry. The EBS Research Hub is a key partner in the process of communications, exploitation, advocacy and dissemination of research findings to help foster a pragmatic university-industry-policy relationship.

Among our projects


NOVATERRA is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project focused on ensuring food security and healthy food access for the increasing population. Through a series of case studies in Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards, the project aims to understand whether it is possible to maintain current yields and quality in Europe and in other regions while eliminating or significantly reducing the use of contentious plant protection products (also known as pesticides). 

The EBS Research Hub is the lead for the Communications Work package for the NOVATERRA project. As a lead partner we are also part of the general project organisational team.


SHERPA is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project which analyses how AI and big data analytics impact ethics and human rights. In dialogue with stakeholders, the project is developing novel ways to understand and address these challenges to find desirable and sustainable solutions that can benefit both innovators and society.

The EBS Research Hub is the lead for the Communications, Dissemination, Exploitation and Advocacy work package. EBSRH is currently running an Advocacy mandate and are also responsible for disseminating the SHERPA project outcomes to the policy audience.


EntreCompEdu, a co-funded project by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is an education project that wants to bring about change in the education system by strengthening educators’ entrepreneurial skills. EntreCompEdu builds a bridge from teachers’ classrooms to practice and policy making. 

The EBS Research Hub assists the Communications Work package for the EntreCompEdu project and is also part of the general project organisational team.


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