About the EBS Research Hub

Building on decades of expertise in EU affairs, event planning and facilitation, EBS develops and implements communication, dissemination, and advocacy strategies for EU-funded projects (e.g., Horizon Europe, Erasmus+) across a wide array of topics.


When leading WP Communication and Dissemination, EBS Research Hub ensures that a project achieves its expected impact by:

  • Communicating effectively, with clarity and consistency.
  • Coordinating and aligning the consortium members along with leveraging their networks.
  • Engaging a wide range of audiences (from academics and businesses to NGOs, researchers and EU policymakers).
  • Reaching out to the audiences that matter most, winning and maintaining their support.
  • Advancing policy positions and shaping the debate.



Project branding

Communication channels

Communication materials

Tailor-made events

High-level interactions

Multistakeholder engagement


20+ years of operations have also equipped us with a solid skillset in project management. EBS Research Hub can perform project management- related tasks in your EU-funded project, allowing you to focus 100% on scientific leadership and the implementation of your tasks without being distracted by administrative duties.

As project manager (partner or subcontracting), EBS Research Hub:

  1. Ensures a smooth execution of the project
  2. Maximises the project resources
  3. Deals with the administrative and financial aspects of the project coordination
  4. Facilitates effective communications with all parties



NOVATERRA is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project which aims to maintain current yields and quality in Europe while eliminating or significantly reducing the use of  pesticides.

SHERPA is a project that investigates and analyses our understanding of the ways in which Smart Information Systems impact ethics and human rights issues.

EntreCompEdu is a co-funded project by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union which works to promote entrepreneurial education in schools. 

Business4Changeis a 4-day hackathon contest, organised to ‘hack’ or solve issues businesses are facing in their transition to the circular economy. 



Julie Bolle

Head of Project


+32 (0) 2 645 3 489

Amelia Tulacz

Programme Associate Research Developer


+32 (0) 2 645 3 487

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