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European Business Summit 2024

20 & 21 November


Investing in Europe: Towards the Next Five Years and Beyond

Following the European elections in June 2024 and the subsequent renewal of the European Commission, the 24th edition of the European Business Summit will aim to foster transformative debates on how to set clear expectations and commitments for the most pressing challenges in a shifting global order.

Energy policy will play a crucial role, while the strengthening of European security will make a more cohesive and interoperable defence industry a priority for the future agenda. Moreover, the pervasive influence of AI will bring forward new developments in society and the market economy. With its resilient single market and diverse business sectors, the EU holds immense potential. However, concerns about productivity slowdown and a loss in international competitiveness remain.

By coming together and embracing these challenges as opportunities, the European Business Summit will fully harness the potential of cooperation and open debate to navigate the evolving landscape and secure a prosperous future.

Previous editions speakers

Alexander De Croo
Prime Minister of Belgium
Fatih Birol
Executive Director, International Energy Agency
Maroš Šefčovič
Executive Vice-President for the EU Green Deal, Interinstitutional Affairs and Foresight, European Commission
Valdis Dombrovskis
Executive Vice President for An Economy that Works for People, European Commission
Vera Jourová
Vice-President for Values & Transparency, European Commission
Janusz Wojciechowski
EU Commissioner for Agriculture
Virginijus Sinkevicius
EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries
Olivér Várhelyi
EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement
Sven Giegold
German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Olivier Guersent
Director General, DG COMP, European Commission
Marc Lemaître
Director General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Maive Rute
Deputy Director General DG GROW, European Commission
Magda Kopczynska
Director General, DG Move, European Commission
Mechthild Wörsdörfer
Deputy Director General, DG ENER, European Commission
Renate Nikolay
Deputy Director General, DG CNECT, European Commission
Reinhard Felke
Director for Policy, Strategy and Communication, DG ECFIN, European Commission
Anna Jarosz-Friis
Director of the Ukraine Service, DG NEAR, European Commission
Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea
Director for Circular Economy, DG ENVI, European Commission
Leontina Sandu
Head of Unit Interoperability and Digital Government, DG DIGIT, European Commission
Arnaud Thysen
Director General, European Business Summits
Martin Ulbrich
Senior Policy Officer, DG CNECT, European Commission
Russell Grandinetti
Senior Vice President, Amazon
Kent Walker
President of Global Affairs, Google
Joe Martinko
President of TSS Business Unit, Chemours
Markus Reinisch
Vice President for Public Policy Europe, META
Gabrielle Gauthey
CEO High Representative by the EU institutions and SVP European Affairs, TotalEnergies
Raphaël De Winter
Director NextGrid, Fluxys
Beatriz Sanz Saiz
Global Consulting Data and AI Leader, EY
Marc Reinhardt
Executive Vice President, Capgemini
Ingrid De Ryck
Vice President Procurement & Sustainability Europe, AB
Yves Vercammen
Chief Corporate Officer, TES-H2
Hendrik Bourgeois
VP European Government Affairs, Intel
Kathrin Dufour
Senior Vice President of Digitalization & Technology, Wintershall
Przemek "Ben" Paczek
CEO, Nevomo
James Waterworth
Director for EU Public Policy, Amazon
Monica Galeote
Head of Public policy Sustainability, Amazon Spain
Simon Worthington
VP External Affairs Europe and Head of Brussels Office, BP
Philippe Ducom
President, ExxonMobil Europe
Olivier de Matos
Director General, CropLife Europe
Stephen Jackson
Deputy CEO, Hydrogen Europe
Erik Rakhou
Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group and Co-Author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”
Dita Charanzová
Vice President, European Parliament
Benedetta De Marte
Secretary General, European Greens
Eva Maydell
Member of the European Parliament
Dragos Tudorache
Member of the European Parliament
Tsvetelina Penkova
Member of the European Parliament
Andrey Novakov
Member of the European Parliament
Maria Graça Carvalho
Member of the European Parliament
Damian Boeselager
Member of the European Parliament
Ivars Ijabs
Member of the European Parliament
Brando Benifei
Member of the European Parliament
Oliver Ropke
President, European Economic and Social Committee
Debora Revoltella
Director of the Economics Department, European Investment Bank
Mathias Cormann
Secretary General, OECD
Valeriya Ionan
Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Maxfield Weiss
Executive Director, CDP Europe
Jacek Siadkowski
CEO, Tech to the Rescue
Berfin Roza Mert
Co-founder, Bower
Ralph Ossa
Chief Economist and Director of the Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO
Katrin Sturm
Secretary General, European Association of Guarantee Institutions
Harriet Bradley
Head of Programme CAP and Food, IEEP
Luisa Santos
Deputy Director General, BusinessEurope
Sam Sharps
Executive Director, Tony Blair Institute
Andrey Kolodyuk
Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
Stefan Sipka
Senior Policy Analyst and Interim Head of Programme, EPC
Antonio Grasso
Public Affairs Director, DIGITAL SME Alliance
Tobias Lechtenfeld
Senior Director, Climate Policy and Strategy, Energy Resilience Leadership Group
Andrew Dudfield
Head of AI and previous interim CEO, Full Fact
Philip Tigges
Chief Financial Officer, Mushlabs GmbH
Alexandre de Streel
Academic Director, CERRE
Luuk Van Middelaar
Director, Brussels Institute for Geopolitics
Anu Bradford
Distinguished Professor, Columbia Law School
Gianclaudio Malgieri
Associate Professor, University of Leiden
Maria Tadeo
Bloomberg Correspondent
Dan Michaels
Wall Street Journal Reporter
Kim Mackrael
Wall Street Journal Reporter
Andy Bounds
Financial Times Correspondent
Dave Keating
France24 Reporter
Méabh McMahon
Euronews Correspondent
Mariam Zaidi
International News Presenter
Ana Rozvar
EBS Reporter
Shada Islam
EU Reporter
Jennifer Baker
EU Reporter
Jack Parrock
EU Reporter
Chris Burns
EU Reporter
Reinhard Posch
Federal CIO Austria
Molly Hickey
Youth Network
Charles Howard
Head of Research, ThinkYoung
Dr Ruth Plackett
Research Fellow, UCL Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health
Cyrus Engerer
Member of the European Parliament

“We are meeting in challenging times, called to face the Russian aggression to Ukraine, the Covid-19 recovery, and a new energy crisis. I’m grateful that the European Business Summit tackles these issues with a programme full of excellent speakers.”

Ursula von der Leyen
President, European Commission

“It’s time to seize the opportunity of Artificial Intelligence boldly and responsibly, not just minimizing risk, but maximizing opportunity in Europe.”

Kent Walker
President of Global Affairs, Google

"Europe has made at least two strategic mistakes when it comes to energy. Firstly, it depended on one single country for its supply of resources. Secondly, it turned its back on nuclear power."

Fatih Birol
Executive Director, International Energy Agency

“The EU can and already does offer leadership on multiple levels in making the world economy greener. As a company, we take a lot of inspiration from the advancement of regulation here.”

Russel Grandinetti
Senior Vice President, Amazon

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Our mission statement

Our mission is twofold: we aim to bring politics and business together in order to provide them with an opportunity to debate and pursue their common goals, giving a voice to all sides of the debate. The other priority of EBS is to provide European institutions with a platform where they can place their top priorities in the spotlight and advance the development of new pieces of legislation through discussion with a variety of actors and stakeholders.

Arnaud Thysen
Director General

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