About the European Business Intelligence

The European Business Intelligence is a key networking community at the heart of Brussels that brings policy, business and academia together to shape the future of the EU. The aim of the organisation is to provide a platform to stimulate thinking and collective intelligence on Europe’s most pressing issues and spread the business voice through a wide range of activities.

  • EBI creates multiple stakeholder platforms in direct connection with the EU institutions such as the European Health Summit Task Force, whose membership allows, among others, to contribute to the improvement of the European governance of healthcare systems and to connect with a structured network in order to advance on developing impactful strategies.
  • The working groups benefit from exclusive networking and speaking opportunities throughout the year. The EBS members benefit from regular one-to-one and multilateral high level private meetings with EU representatives and get the chance to participate in interactive panels and exclusive interviews at the EBS annual flagship event. The European Health Task Force members co-shape the agenda of public and private events, such as the dedicated annual ‘European Health Summit’, where the findings and conclusions are discussed with prominent policymakers and industry leaders.
  • Building on over 20 years of experience in EU communications, EBI has been selected by the European Commission to lead the dissemination and advocacy work packages of several projects funded by Horizon 2020, Europe’s most ambitious Research and Innovation programme, and Erasmus +, EU’s programme to support education, youth, training and sport in Europe.

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