Taking place at Egmont Palace, Brussels, on the 20th and 21st of November 2024, the 24th edition of the European Business Summit will aim to foster transformative debates on how to set clear expectations and commitments for the most pressing challenges, following the European elections in June 2024 and the subsequent renewal of the European Commission.

Energy policy will play a crucial role, not only in driving the ongoing green transition but also in safeguarding European security and resilience. On this note, the strengthening of European security will pass through a more cohesive and interoperable defence industry, able to act jointly at the European level. Moreover, the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping not only society but also the composition and structure of the labour market. With its resilient single market and diverse business sectors, the European Union holds immense potential. However, concerns about productivity slowdown and a loss in international competitiveness remain. To address them, the European Council and the European Commission recently commissioned a Report on the Future of the Single Market and a Report on the Future of European Competitiveness, which will inform not only the Strategic Agenda for the next term but also underpin the priorities of the upcoming multi-year EU budget (2028-2034).

By coming together and embracing these challenges as opportunities, the European Business Summit will fully harness the potential of cooperation and open debate to navigate the evolving landscape and secure a prosperous future.