Clean Energy Summit 2024

Empowering Europe's Green and Competitive Future

The European Union is working on tripling installed renewable energy capacity and doubling energy efficiency improvement rates by 2030. Despite these ambitions, the EU faces significant challenges due to geopolitical tensions, notably the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, impacting industries and consumers across Europe. Key initiatives, such as the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III), play a pivotal role in supporting the EU's economic trajectory amid these challenges.

To achieve targets set for COP28 and advance the Green Deal, comprehensive action is crucial, addressing both the supply and demand sides across various sectors. The success of overarching policies depends on their scope and implementation efficacy. The upcoming Clean Energy Summit 2024 will open the Energy Week, fostering dialogue and collaboration among influential stakeholders from policy, industry, and academia. The summit will strategically focus on fulfilling Paris Agreement principles, emphasising global adaptation goals while addressing European industry competitiveness, energy system resilience, and affordability concerns. As national governments struggle with potential public backlash against climate measures, the summit serves as a strategic platform for collective action, emphasizing a just transition toward inclusive, climate-resilient, and climate-neutral economies. Staying on track involves harmonization and mitigating consumer costs, crucial aspects for navigating the challenges posed by climate change and sustainable energy transitions.

Frans Timmermans at CES2023